HWT PRO – Hamburg Verification Device – NEW



The InstroTek HWT-Pro is a comprehensive system designed to verify and monitor all the requirements of the AASHTO T324 test method and recommendations of NCHRP Project 20-07 Task 361. The HWT-Pro measures and reports the wheel load, wheel position, wheel speed, waveform, rut depth sensors and water temperature. The included HWT-Spec Software brings it all together with a simple and user friendly PC application which walks the user through a series of steps to verify all parameters. Once the data is collected the software produces a report showing compliance with the AASHTO T324 requirements. The HWT-Pro fits inside the Hamburg Wheel Tracker sample
trays with centering spacers to verify all major brands*. The wheel position is measured every 10 milliseconds allowing the HWT-Pro to precisely fit the wheel’s motion to sinusoid and determines its deviation (RMSE). The HWT-Pro includes a verification system which reports rut depth at the contact point of the wheel, not just the LVDT measurements. This ensures a more realistic displacement verification of your unit. Also included in the HWT-Pro is an accurate NIST traceable temperature indicator.

Now pavement engineers and asphalt lab practitioners have a user-friendly device that allows them to safely and accurately check the performance of their Hamburg units prior to the start of a project, after a long period of non-use or to monitor proper performance.




  • Verifies all AASHTO T-324 measurement requirements
  • Meets recommendations of NCHRP Project 20-07 Task 361
  • Measures wheel load, wheel center point waveform, displacement, and water temperature
  • Can measure both static and dynamic wheel load
  • Checks accuracy of the wheel motion versus sinusoid
  • Check calibration quality before a project or after long periods of non-use
  • Quickly diagnose and trouble shoot issues with your equipment
  • HWT-Spec PC Software easily captures and reports verification results
  • HWT-Pro comes with NIST Traceability Certificate