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Reliance Laboratory Equipment was established to offer our clients a full range of products for on-site and laboratory tests on aggregates, rock, soil, bitumen, asphalt, cement, concrete, mortar and steel for the construction and civil engineering industry.

Reliance Lab Equipment is a Pretoria based company supplying customers nationwide. We also export to neighbouring Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

We at Reliance are proud that in our 3rd generation of family ownership and after more than 60 years in the industry, our company is expanding but our core values have not changed.


Reliance Laboratory Equipment (Gauteng) is A Level 3 BBBEE Contributor

Our Latest Products


Bending Beam Rheometer 3 (BBR3) – NEW

NEW BBR3 Applied Test Systems entered into the bitumen / asphalt binder market in the early 1990’s with the introduction of Superpave. ATS is the only Read More


Bending Beam Rheometer – NEW

Bending Beam Rheometer Durable, High-Quality System for Determination of Flexural Creep Stiffness of Asphalt Binder Features The ATS Bending Beam Rheometer (BBR) has been engineered Read More


Pressure Aging Vessel PAV3 – NEW

 Pressure Aging Vessel PAV3   Features The new PAV3 from ATS has been designed to simulate in-service oxidative aging of asphalt binder according to ASTM Read More


AutoRice™ New!

NEW AUTORICE TECHNOLOGY IS ON IT’S WAY TO SA.   AutoRice InstroTek’s NEW AutoRice is an automatic control unit allowing laboratory technicians to conduct Maximum Specific Gravity Read More


PaveProf V2.0 High Speed Profilometer

  Pave®Prof is a modular system that uses 3D laser sensors to measure pavement profiles for applications such as highways and runways. It measures surface roughness, texture and Read More


Pave®LWD Light Weight Falling Deflectometer

The PAVE®LWD Light Weight Falling Deflectometer provides a time and cost saving alternative to expensive static plate loading tests. It measures un-bound material to quickly Read More

Falling Weight Deflectometer (Pave®FWD)

Pave®HWD Heavy Falling Weight Deflectometer

A Heavy Falling Weight Deflectometer, Pave®HWD and the Super Heavy, Pave®SHWD are twin axle trailers used for non-destructive testing of stiff bound material as found Read More


Pave®FWD Vehicle Mounted

A Falling Weight Deflectometer (PAVE®FWD-VM) is a vehicle mounted non-destructive testing device used to determine the stress/strain parameters of pavements and subgrades. Overview A four Read More

Pavetesting 1

Pave®FWD Trailer Mounted

A Falling Weight Deflectometer is used to measure the vertical deflection response of a surface to an impulse load. Precision load measurement and deflection sensors Read More


Pave®CFT Continuous Friction Tester

    Using the Side Force principle (Fixed Slip), designed to ASTM E670 and harmonised to the SCRIM International Friction Tester   Typically known as Read More

Pressure Ageing Vessel

Pressure Ageing Vessel PAV

Pressure Ageing Vessel PAV EN14769, AASHTO PP1, ASTM   Technical Data: The device contain a pressure/temperature vessel made of Nirosta with connecting       Read More

pg Analysator

Asphalt Analysators

Asphalt Analysators Polymer- and rubber modified binders. The modification of bitumen binders with rubber, additives or polymer in a state of art technology to improve Read More

MC-S-24 Strata Elite

MC-S-24 Strata Elite – New Version

 MC-S-24 Strata Gauge D u a l i t y InstroTek MC-S-24 dual probe strata gauge is designed for density and moisture profile determinations of Read More


SmarTracker™ NEW!

 SMARTRACKER™       The ALL-NEW SmarTracker™, is a loaded wheel tracking system that measures the rut resistance of asphalt mixtures. The SmarTracker meets and Read More

clegg hamer

Clegg Impact Soil Testers 882/883

                                                                                                           4.5 Kg Hammer Model Type 882 (Classic) 4.5 Kg Clegg Impact Hammer 882 (Classic) fitted with precision accelerometer. Digital readout indicator type 882 Read More


Smart-MC™ New!

Upgrade Your CPN Gauges Smart-MC™ is a simple, drop-in upgrade which gives new life to your older MC-1DRP and MC-3 gauges.  Smart-MC offers a variety Read More


Smart Panel

Upgrade your 3411 Gauges SmartPanel, from InstroTek, allows the 3411B owners to upgrade their gauges at fraction of the price of a new gauge. Simply Read More


ValiDator ® I & II

ASTM D6938, ASTM D2950. The ValiDator is patented, NIST traceable, & ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited technology that can verify your nuclear density gauge calibration at all Read More



      The Retriever™- smart USB upgrade for your NCAT Ignition Furnace. The Retriever™ provides secure digital data storage for your NCAT Ignition Furnace.  Read More


The M.i.S.T.™

The Future of Moisture Sensitivity Testing   M.i.S.T. (Moisture Induced Stress Tester) is designed as a totally new, quick and logical method for testing moisture Read More

accufoamer new

AccuFoamer™ New!

AccuFoamer™ New! AccuFoamer – Laboratory Bitumen Foaming System   Since the introduction of Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA), asphalt laboratories have been searching for a simple, Read More


AutoScan CTE™ – NEW

  InstroTek®, Inc. has developed an advanced method and device for measuring the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) of concrete. CTE measurements play a very Read More



  Eco-Friendly Electronic Desiccation System The PumpSaver is unique new method for the removal of moisture in air prior to entering a vacuum pump. The Read More



  Dries Field Cores in Minutes CoreDry is an automatic system for rapid drying of material samples and objects. Use this device to remove moisture Read More


MC-1 Elite – Nuclear Moisture Density Gauge

Lightweight, Rugged, Reliable MC-1 Elite The MC-1 Elite is the most accurate and easy-to-use moisture / density testing instrument available. MC-1 Elite offers a superior Read More



      An innovative, non-nuclear method of determining SuperPave, Stone Matrix (SMA), and coarse mix asphalt air voids. CoreLok performs 5 standard lab tests: Read More

Explorer 3500

3500 Xplorer™ – Nuclear Moisture Density Gauge

3500 Xplorer™ InstroTek Model 3500 Xplorer is a nuclear moisture density gauge designed to provide superior performance, with design experience and expertise that is unmatched Read More

MC-3 Elite

MC-3 Elite™ – Nuclear Moisture Density Gauge

The cutting edge of simplicity InstroTek’s MC3 Elite™ is an advanced, yet easy to operate moisture density gauge designed for all operators ranging from new Read More

150mm x 150mm Heavy Duty Concrete Cube Mould


           CUBE MOULDS              Available in different materials: Accurately machined cast iron and steel. High precision moulds.  Rigid plastic/polyurethane, stable and resistant, compressed Read More

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