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Laboratory Equipment

General Laboratory Equipment

Glass Burettes Graduated Burettes Cane Only 25MLBurettes Cane Only 50MLBurettes Cane Only 100MLBurettes Dafert 100MLBurettes Dafert 25MLBurettes Dafert 50MLBurettes Dafert PTFE 50MLBurettes Dafert Schellbach G/S/C 25MLBurettes Dafert Schellbach G/S/C 50MLBurettes Dafert Schellbach G/S/C 100MLBurettes Dafert Schellbach PTFE 50MLBurettes Dr Schillings 10MLBurettes Dr Schillings 25MLBurettes Dr Schillings 50MLBurettes Dr Schillings Schellbach 10MLBurettes Micro PTFE S/C 5MLBurettes Read More

Thermometers Thermometer Ind Mercury White/Back -10-360Thermometer Ind Mercury White/Back -10-50Thermometer Mercury White/Back -5-105 BSSThermometer Mercury White/Back 0.5°C -10-110Thermometer Mercury White/Back 1°C -10-110Thermometer Mercury White/Back 1 10-60Thermometer Mercury White/Back 1 10-300Thermometer Mercury White/Back 1 10-400Thermometer Mercury White/Back 1 50-550Thermometer Mercury White/Back -10-200Thermometer Mercury White/Back -10-250Thermometer Mercury White/Back -20-150Thermometer Mercury White/Back 0.5 10-50Thermometer Mercury White/Back 0-1°C 5-50Thermometer Read More

Volumetric Flasks Flasks Volumetric Class A 1MLFlasks Volumetric Class A 2MLFlasks Volumetric Class A 5MLFlasks Volumetric Class A 10MLFlasks Volumetric Class A 15MLFlasks Volumetric Class A 20MLFlasks Volumetric Class A 25MLFlasks Volumetric Class A 50MLFlasks Volumetric Class A 100MLFlasks Volumetric Class A 200MLFlasks Volumetric Class A 250MLFlasks Volumetric Class A 500MLFlasks Volumetric Class A 1LTFlasks Read More

  Funnels Also available in plastic Funnels Glass Long Stem 55MMFunnels Glass Long Stem 80MMFunnels Glass Long Stem 100MMFunnels Glass Powder 80MMFunnels Glass Powder 100MMFunnels Glass Ribbed 70MMFunnels Glass Ribbed 80MMFunnels Glass Ribbed 100MMFunnels Glass Short Stem Boro 70MMFunnels Glass Short Stem Boro 100MMFunnels Glass Short Stem Boro 150MMFunnels Glass Short Stem Boro 200MMFunnels Glass Read More

Pipettes   Pipettes Bulb Glass A 0.5ML Pipettes Bulb Glass A 1ML Pipettes Bulb Glass A 2ML Pipettes Bulb Glass A 2.5ML Pipettes Bulb Glass A 3ML Pipettes Bulb Glass A 4ML Pipettes Bulb Glass A 5ML Pipettes Bulb Glass A 6ML Pipettes Bulb Glass A 7ML Pipettes Bulb Glass A 8ML Pipettes Bulb Glass Read More

Beakers Also available in plastic.   Beaker Glass Squat – Spouted 5ML Beaker Glass Squat – Spouted 10ML Beaker Glass Squat – Spouted 25ML Beaker Glass Squat – Spouted 50ML Beaker Glass Squat – Spouted 100ML Beaker Glass Squat – Spouted 150ML Beaker Glass Squat – Spouted 250ML Beaker Glass Squat – Spouted 400ML Beaker Read More

Desiccator Desiccators with vacuum lid, Die pressed Neutral Glass with Porcelain Perforated plate and Glass Key Stopcock Available in 150mm, 250mm & 300mm I.D.               Desiccators with plain lid, Die Pressed Neutral Glass with Porcelain Perforated Plate. Available in 150mm, 250mm & 300mm I.D.

     Candy stripe chrome leather Pig skin Candy stripe Candy stripe green reinforcing Candy stripe cowhide grain, leather palm 2″ Chrome double palm   4″ Chrome double palm  6″ Chrome double palm 8″ Chrome double palm  16″Chrome double palm 2″ Cuff green lined  4″ Cuff green lined 8″ Cuff green lined  16 Cuff green lined Read More

     Tools Builders wire brush Welders wire brush Brass sieve brush Brass sieve brush econo Nylon-bristle brush Nail brush Nylon Carpet brush Paint brush 25mm Paint brush 50mm Paint brush75mm Paint brush100mm Hammer steel 1,8Kg Prospecting Pick  Estwing Rubber mallet Garden trowel – Long or short handle Rakes Steel trowel – rectangular Steel trowel – Read More

Drying Pans S/Steel Drying Pan 26 x 19 x 4.7 cm S/Steel Drying Pan 28 x 22x 4.8 cm S/Steel Drying Pan 35 x 26 x 4.8 cm S/Steel Drying Pan 39 x 29 x 4.8 cm S/Steel Drying Pan 49 x 34 x 4.8 cm S/Steel Drying Pan 59 x 39 x 4.8 cm Read More

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