Wide scope of uses in may fields for effective cleaning for example, precision instruments, jewelry and dentistry items. Can be used for emulsification, mixing and removal of oxidation from surfaces.



  • Long lasting stainless steel 304 tanks
  • Supplied with baskets and lids as standard
  • Units above 4L capacity are fitted with drain taps for easy maintenance
  • All models fitted with a 60 min, timer and with bypass function
  • All models are fitted with a heating element with a max temperature capacity of 80C degree
  • Variable frequency and power settings on all models



  • Not for use with heat sensitive materials, for example: perfumes etc. ,  due to heat transfer from transducers
  • Operating temperatures based on an ambient of 25C degree
  • Units can only operate for 8 hours continuously
  • All units operate voltage: 230V/50Hz
  • All units operate temperature range: Ambient +7C to 80C degree


Units Available:

  • 2.5L – Power: 50W, Packaging: 230x200x305mm, Weight: 3kg
  • 4L – Power: 100W, Packaging: 320x195x355mm, Weight: 4.5kg
  • 5.7L – Power: 150W, Packaging: 440x310x435mm, Weight: 6kg
  • 12L – Power: 300W, Packaging: 480x440x470mm, Weight: 9kg
  • 25L – Power: 600W, Packaging: 640x445x530mm, Weight: 13kg