Rugged. Dependable. Advanced.
AASHTO T-310, ASTM D6938, C1040, D2950, D7759 and D7013
The All NEW Model 3500 Xplorer 2 offers the latest in nuclear gauge technology with advanced features and increased dependability.

Xpect More!
Since 2006, the Xplorer is the preferred gauge among geotechnical and asphalt professionals. Why? Simply put, the Xplorer is ready to work when you are. Nothing is more frustrating than sending a gauge to the job site only to have it come back due to an electrical or mechanical problem. Precious time can be lost and repair costs can add-up quickly.

The Xplorer 2 is a new upgraded nuclear gauge that is carefully hand-built with the highest quality electrical components and precision machined parts. Each gauge is carefully tested and checked for durability and peak performance. Confidence in the reliability of the Xplorer 2 is has low cost replacement parts to keep ownership costs down saving you thousands over the life of the gauge.


Precise engineering and attention to detail are not the only things that make the Xplorer 2 the best gauge in the industry. The Xplorer 2’s latest advancements now make it easier to own and use. The large screen display helps readability, even in direct sunlight. The integrated GPS system reports the locations of each test, while Bluetooth allows the gauge to communicate with any Android smartphone or tablet. The X2 Mobile Application can gather all test data and quickly create a detailed report for your clients or internal use. Reports can be emailed directly from any WiFi enabled smartphone or tablet to expedite review of field test results. A new integrated battery port used for gauge location monitoring devices can pinpoint the exact location of the gauge and track it in case of an emergency or loss. All of these new advancements and much more come standard with the Xplorer.


Outstanding and Trusted Customer Service

Since 1997, InstroTek has been a leader in customer service. With seven offices across the USA, we are ready to help with any of your nuclear gauge needs. However, if you choose your local calibration facility, we are happy to offer the same high quality parts, components and support without any surcharges, inflated parts prices, or kickback costs.

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Today’s construction industry moves at a fast pace; don’t get left behind! Get your Xplorer 2 today and start enjoying the durability and hassle free experience of the Xplorer 2.
Superior customer service, advanced features, precise engineering and now the longest warranty in the industry make the Xplorer 2 Simply The Rock Solid Choice



  • Large backlit LCD and keypad makes reading test results easy at night or in direct sunlight.
  • Displays GPS geographic coordinates and altitude information
  • Bluetooth® enabled for easy data transfer to any Android® smartphone or tablet
  • Reporting software built into the new X2 Mobile Application can send all test results via email with just a few clicks
  • USB Port for quick download of all test data
  • 9 volt backup battery to keep you on the job, in case the main battery runs out
  • First nuclear gauge with an integrated battery port for connection to supported external gauge position monitoring/tracking devices