Speedy Moisture Tester

The New Speedy 2000 series of moisture testers combines time proven dependability of the calcium carbide pressure test procedure with the convenience of an electronic balance. Foundries and Ceramics – The moisture content of green and synthetic sands used in foundries, as well as slips and clays used in the ceramics industry, is crucial to quality control.
Incorrect levels of moisture in the production process results in product defects and high scrap levels. Therefore the Standard Speedy is used on the shop floor to check the moisture content of the above-mentioned materials, thus facilitating instant quality control decisions.

Remedial and New Build – There are situations where it is useful to have knowledge of the %MC of materials used in the
construction buildings. The Standard Speedy is used in the remedial industry, for example, to establish if damp proof
courses have failed. This instrument is also used to determine the %MC of new solid floors, particularly in Europe.
The Standard Speedy moisture tester is a portable-sampling instrument used to determine the moisture content of a
broad range of materials. It comprises a hand held vessel incorporating a pressure
gauge and a precision balance, mounted in an integral carry case.

Features include:
• requires no power source
• does not need to be calibrated for different soils
• the 6 step test is easy & takes about 3 min
• safe to use
• no requirement for a user license
• portable, robust and accurate
• endorsed by many international official bodies

Moisture measurements are obtained by following a simple test procedure:
1. Prepare and weigh the material sample using the electronic balance.
2. Place the sample in the Speedy vessel.
3. Add the reagent to the recess in the Speedy cap and seal the vessel.
4. Shake the Speedy to mix the reagent with the sample.
5. Read moisture content directly from the integral calibrated pressure gauge.
Building Restoration and Refurbishment
Building surveyors involved with diagnosing the cause of dampness in buildings use
the Speedy Tester to determine the moisture level in walls and floors. The Speedy
complements moisture meters and hygrometers that are also used for diagnosis.

Solid Floors
If moisture related floor failures are to be avoided, concrete slabs, cementitious screeds and anhydride screeds have to
be in a dry condition before decorative floors finishes including wood, vinyl and carpet are laid. The Speedy tester is used
to measure the moisture content of a sample of material removed from the floor before the decorative finish is laid.

The Speedy is not suitable for products containing : copper (forms explosive copper acetylate), acetone
(absorbs acetone), some disinfectants, plastic granules. Request List of >100 products

Technical Specifications & Packing List
Standard Speedy vessel fitted with calibrated pressure gauge, electronic balance, heavy duty carry case with fitted foam
inserts, cleaning brush and cloth, measuring scoop and instructions.

NB: Please note that the Calcium Carbide Reagent used with the Speedy testers must be ordered separately.