SmarTracker™ NEW!




The ALL-NEW SmarTracker™, is a loaded wheel tracking system that measures the rut resistance of asphalt mixtures. The SmarTracker meets and exceeds AASHTO T-324 and is intelligently designed with innovative features to make testing easier, safer and more accurate. Key components for holding and testing samples are constructed from stainless steel, and a rigid steel frame is engineered to withstand the forces created during testing. The SmarTraker combines smart features with the solid construction needed for the rugged laboratory environment.


The SmarTracker™, from InstroTek®, is the most user-friendly wheel tracking system available today. The SmarTracker meets AASHTO-T324 and measures resistance to rutting and moisture damage in asphalt mixtures. Results from this test help construction engineers and technicians verify the integrity of asphalt mix designs, evaluate materials and predict field performance.

The SmarTracker is designed entirely with the end-user in mind. While other, more expensive wheel tracking systems have technicians lifting heavy wheel assemblies into position, the SmarTracker’s innovative retracting wheel requires no lifting at all. The integrated, touch-screen operating system allows quick test execution and all electronics are intelligently placed away from the testing tanks to avoid moisture damage. hood, tank and air heaters keep water and air during the test period. The two independent tanks and wheel transport mechanism allow for simultaneous testing of wet and make loaded wheel testing safer, easier and more accurate. SmarTracker’s unique temperatures constant dry samples. The SmarTracker’s innovative, user-friendly features


NO lifting of heavy wheel assemblies; wheels retract automatically away from samples and “park” into rest position

Independent motors for each wheel assures separate rutting analysis of each specimen

Sample holders slide into position with minimal lifting

Capable of conducting wet and dry testing simultaneously

Electronics are located away from water sources and shielded to prevent moisture damage

Smaller footprint to accommodate smaller construction labs

High performance components and a rugged steel frame designed for heavy loads










No added stress to operators back from lifting heavy wheel assemblies

Sample holders slide into position and eliminate awkward lifting and placement of samples into the unit

Hood keeps technicians away from moving parts and provides better temperature control while the test is being conducted