The Retriever™- smart USB upgrade for your NCAT Ignition Furnace.

The Retriever™ provides secure digital data storage for your NCAT Ignition Furnace.  The unit efficiently collects and stores data using a USB flash drive.  Data is encrypted for security and cannot be altered by the operator.  Retriever can replace or work in line with the NCAT’s existing thermal printer. Retriever is powered through the furnace, and installation can be done in less than 10 minutes.  The Retriever has been thoroughly tested for durability and is designed to operate in the rugged asphalt testing industry.

Retriever™ can also be configured to work with nuclear gauges.

The included EZRetrieve™ allows instant and simple burn data access.  Information can be viewed quickly and easily on your desktop.  Test data can now be cataloged, saved on central servers and emailed easily to agencies and / or customers for review.  The software also allows the user to plot the data on a graph.  Thousand of tests can be stored on the included 256MB flash drive.

  • Easy to install
  • USB capable storage
  • Encrypted data to ensure data integrity and security
  • Digital signature capability for each individual test
  • EZRetrieve™ software includes function to plot data on a graph
  • Proven durability through extensive field testing
  • Can replace or work in conjunction with the thermal printer
  • Easy to email
  • Store more than 1000 test (burn) files on a single 256 MB USB Drive
  • Print data from any PC
  • Plug and Play