Eco-Friendly Electronic Desiccation System

The PumpSaver is unique new method for the removal of moisture in air prior to entering a vacuum pump. The device extends the life of vacuum pumps by reducing the amount of water entering the pump. It also increases pump efficiency by offering a lower resistance to air flow as opposed to a desiccant style air drier that actually inhibits the free flow of air. Using the PumpSaver also eliminates the requirement for a desiccant type air drier and eliminates the need to continually replace or recycle desiccant materials. An Environmentally Friendly Solution:

The PumpSaver is an environmentally friendly device, which reduces unnecessary waste. This electric desiccation system eliminates the need for desiccant canisters, in-line moisture filters that wear out and significantly reduces vacuum oil changes, decreasing waste, disposal and operating costs. No more need for expensive canister styled desiccants that just wear out and damage your vacuum pumps

The PumpSaver is connected between equipment requiring a vacuum and a vacuum pump. The unit has one inlet port for connecting a hose to the equipment and one outlet port for connecting a hose to the vacuum pump. The PumpSaver uses a high performance thermoelectric (Peltier effect device) to chill a chamber through which the vacuumed air will pass. As moisture containing vapors are passed through the cooling chamber, the chilling of the vapors causes water to condense and collect in the chamber. The moisture removed from the vapors provides dry air to the output port of the device and therefore the vacuum pump.

The PumpSaver contains a power supply, fan, heat sink, thermoelectric, cooling chamber, and input and output ports. The unit is self contained and operates of 120V. Once the PumpSaver is connected into a vacuum system, it is merely turned on a few minutes prior to the beginning of the vacuum process to allow the chamber to cool. Any moisture accumulated in the cooling chamber if easily removed by removing the lid on the chamber and wiping out the moisture with a dry cloth or paper towel.

  • Reduce cost by reducing number of vacuum oil changes per year
  • Makes vacuum pump run much more efficiently
  • Eliminates the need for flow restricting desiccant cartridges
  • Increases the life of the pump
  • Allows your pump to reach desired vacuum immediately, increasing the accuracy and repeatability of the results.
  • Excellent for use with ASTM D2041 & AASHTO T209 (Rice Test) equipment!