Technical Data:

The device contain a pressure/temperature vessel made of Nirosta with connecting  elements, integrated in a coated steel casing with lid including clamping system acc. European pressure guideline, pressure/temperature sensors as well as an electronically controlled pressure/temperature unit with software. A touchscreen PC with Windows® operating system and pre-installed testing software allows a easy and fast conditioning up to ten bitumen specimen moulds acc. EN 12607-2. Four different independent automatic test cycles with a test duration of 85°C/65 h, 90°C/20 h, 100°C/20h and 110°C/20 h allow a real time control of the actual pressure and temperature. The conditioning cycle content including a automatic preheating cycle of the system and a test cycle with constant data acquisition for
temperature and pressure. A pressure relief valve automatically depressurized the system during the test or in case of pressure overload. In case of electronic interference and interruption of the system is releasing the pressure automatically.

The Touch Screen is permanently connected to Pressure Ageing vessel by the provided USB cable. To carry out the test it is necessary to have sufficient supply of compressed air. The air is supported by Push-Lok® connection system from a compressor or pressure cylinder. The whole system is CE-marked. The operating languages are Italian, English, French, German, Portugiese, Polish and Russian.
The mounting of the pressure vessel resp. the removal of the support frame is made by means of a handling device. The handling device as well as the locking bar must be removed before closing the pressure vessel.