The cutting edge of simplicity

InstroTek’s MC3 Elite™ is an advanced, yet easy to operate moisture density gauge designed for all operators ranging from new technicians to those with
advanced density testing experience. The MC3 Elite is the result of over 40 years of testing experience, and is constructed to withstand rugged, construction testing
environments. It features a simple operator interface, NEW large backlit LCD display, illuminated keypad, precision machined base and is designed with
reliable, surface-mount electronics. All InstroTek / CPN gauges are backed by unmatched reliability, technical support and low maintenance costs.
The MC3 Elite is loaded with simple, user friendly functions. Density, moisture and other required field parameters are automatically calculated and displayed
and can be stored under specific user-designed projects. The data can be easily downloaded to a computer, printer or written to a USB flash drive. The gauge is
equipped with a reliable, non-contact magnetic depth indicator and state-of-the-art moisture resistant electronics. The battery pack is designed to provide weeks of
operation and is integrated with a 9V battery for backup. The mechanical design includes a machined, aluminum base and a rugged, polycarbonate topshell designed
to withstand the demands of the toughest construction and testing environments.



  • Brand New, backlit 4 X 20 LCD display with 9 mm characters for maximum visibility
  • Lightest nuclear moisture density gauge in the market
  • User friendly software
  • Precision machined base and components
  • High reliability, updated and improved electronic design
  • Illuminated keypad for night use
  • USB flash drive storage for cable-free data download
  • Superior, durable poly carbonate topshell design
  • Industry’s best warranty