The Marshall compression test, performed at a defined speed on a standard specimen, gives the stability (maximum load) and flow (deformation at maximum load) measurements. Using the Marshall Stability Test, engineers can predict how well an asphalt mixture will perform and the maximum load it can support.

Marshall Stability Test Equipment is used by highway departments, contractors, engineers, testing laboratories and other government agencies to test the stability of bituminous samples. The machine can provide measurement data for use with hot mixture containing asphalt or tar and aggregate up to 25.4mm maximum size.

Optional software available.

Optional Breaking head ( Not supplied with Press and to be purchased separately)

Optional Onsite SANAS Calibration

Press includes Inhouse Calibration Certificate



Dimensions: +/- 400x900x1000 mm
Power: 230 V, 60 Hz, 1 ph
Weight: +-170 kg


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Marshall Stability Press