Bucket Auger (Thompson type)

A highly versatile general purpose auger, especially effective in hard and dry soils. These augers will drill into highly compacted soils with little difficulty.

  • Standard thread coupling
  • Tough, high-quality steel bail and barrel
  • New design high carbon spring steel bits
  • Unbeatable and unbreakable
  • Available in: 75mm, 100mm & 150mm


Dutch Auger (Edelman type)

The most effective auger in moist and wet soils and the only auger for drilling in wet clays.

  • Standard thread coupling
  • Tough plate-steel head
  • Machine stamped and formed
  • Individually hand finished
  • Available in: 65mm





  • Standard thread coupling
  • Steel shaft
  • Available in: 900mm & 1.2m





Extension rods

  • Standard thread couplings
  • Strong square-section rod to facilitate uncoupling.
  • Available in: 500mm, 1m & 1.2M