The MT630 is a single input J/K type general purpose thermometer with a wide measuring range from K-type – 200C to + 1372C degrees and J-type – 210C to 1100C degrees with a selectable resolution of 0.1C or 1C degree. Displays a number of temperature readings such as T1 plus MAX, MIN and AVG. Features include a relative time clock on MAX, MIN and AVG and provides a time reference for major events. Offers fast response and laboratory accuracy, with an optional extra SANAS Calibration. This thermometer works with K thermocouples and offer 0.1C degree resolution over the entire measurement range. Electronic offset function allows compensation of thermocouple errors to maximise overall accuracy. Readout in C, F or Kelvin (K/J) degrees. Supplied standard with a rugged rubber holster.



  • Single K-type inputs
  • MAX/MIN/AVG record mode
  • K-type temperature from -200C to 1372C degree
  • j-type temperature from -210C to 1100C degree
  • Selectable C or F resolution
  • Selectable units of C, F or K (Kelvin)
  • Large dual LCD display with backlight
  • Data hold function and max hold function
  • Auto power off
  • Relative time clock on MAX, MIN and AVG
  • Electronic offset function


Supplied Standard:

  • Instruction Manual
  • Carry case/Bag
  • 9V Battery
  • Rugged holster


Optional Probes: (Ordered separately

  • Wire Probe -20º ~ 250ºC





The MT660 General Purpose Probe can be used on all  K-type digital thermometers. Range from -30°C up to +250°C. Exposed thermocouple with PTFE Insulation for general purpose use in heating and refrigeration industries, including radiator fan, water and air temperatures.


  • Surface Probe -50ºC ~ 500ºC



The MT670 Surface Probe can be utilised with K –  type digital thermometers. Range from -50°C up to +500°C. Very fast response for surface temperature measurement for road surfaces and samples etc.


  • Air Probe -50ºC ~ 300ºC










The MT680 Air Temperature Probe can be used on all  K- type digital thermometers . Range from -50°C up to +300°C. Extremely fast response for asphalt, gas and air temperatures.


  • General Purpose probe -50C to 649C

The MT685 General Purpose Probe can be used on all Major Tech type K digital thermometers including Major Tech DMM’s. Range from -50°C to 649°C. Very strong for liquids, semi-solids, air and granular material.