The Digital Absolute Pressure Manometer meets the requirements of ASTM D2041/AASHTO T209 to measure specific gravity and density of asphalt mixtures, often called the Rice Test. The gauge is also useful for other applications to measure and display air pressure (vacuum) in a range from 0 to 1000mm of mercury (Hg) with resolution to 0.01mm Hg.

Factory calibrated prior shipping, undergo a multi-point calibration at 25, 30 and 35mm Hg. SANAS Calibration available on request (separate).

Can be operated with a 9-volt alkaline battery for approximately 80 hours of continuous use or powered by a 115V/60Hz electrical supply using the AC adapter provided.

The gauge display is factory set to shut off after approximately 18 minutes to conserve battery life.



The Manometer is a very sensitive and accurate instrument designed for use with only dry, non corrosive gases. Mishandling or abuse can compromise operation and performance. Do not allow the gauge to come in contact with any liquid.


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