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         CUBE MOULDS

             Available in different materials:

  • Accurately machined cast iron and steel. High precision moulds. 
  • Rigid plastic/polyurethane, stable and resistant, compressed air (2 bar) or water jet is sufficient for extrusion.










Cube Mould Sizes

Cube 200mm/side Cast Iron -18Kg

Cube 150mm/side Cast Iron Heavy Duty – 16Kg

Cube 150mm/side Cast Iron Light Duty – 10Kg

Cube 150mm/side Polyurethane Heavy Duty – 2Kg

Cube 150mm/side Plastic – 0.9Kg

Cube 100mm/side Cast Iron – 9Kg

Cube 100mm/side Plastic – 0.7Kg

Cube 100mm/side  Polyurethane Heavy Duty -1Kg

2 Gang Cube 100mm/side Polyurethane Mould







Cylinder Moulds

Cylinder 150 x 300mm – Plastic31

Cylinder 150 x 300mm – Steel









Cement Mould

Cube 70mm/side Plastic – Three gang

Cube 70mm/side Steel – Three gang

Cube 50mm/side Steel – Three gang

Three gang prism mould 40 x 40 x 160mm is made from steel.








The mould is used for casting specimens of cement aggregate combinations for measuring the potential expansive alkalireactivity.



Beam Mould

Beam 150 x 150 x 750mm – Cast Iron – 55Kg

Beam 100 x 100 x 500mm – Steel

Beam 100 x 100 x 300mm – Steel




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