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ASTM D6938, ASTM D2950. The ValiDator is patented, NIST traceable, & ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited technology that can verify your nuclear density gauge calibration at all measurement depths. Others have tried, but InstroTek is the only company with the know how and the technology to develop this innovative device. Validator and Gauge Features: Works with InstroTek, Read More

Lightweight, Rugged, Reliable MC-1 Elite The MC-1 Elite is the most accurate and easy-to-use moisture / density testing instrument available. MC-1 Elite offers a superior alternative to other methods of in-place testing. Results are displayed on an easy to read LCD screen. The simple on screen instructions allows the software operator to be quick and Read More

      An innovative, non-nuclear method of determining SuperPave, Stone Matrix (SMA), and coarse mix asphalt air voids. CoreLok performs 5 standard lab tests: Bulk Specific Gravity Maximum Specific Gravity Aggregate Specific Gravity Porosity % Asphalt Content The CoreLok® is a system for sealing asphalt samples so that the sample densities may be measured Read More

3500 Xplorer™ InstroTek Model 3500 Xplorer is a nuclear moisture density gauge designed to provide superior performance, with design experience and expertise that is unmatched in the industry and service that you have come to trust for over 10 years. The Model 3500 Xplorer features the most up to date electronics, extremely reliable surface mount Read More

The cutting edge of simplicity InstroTek’s MC3 Elite™ is an advanced, yet easy to operate moisture density gauge designed for all operators ranging from new technicians to those with advanced density testing experience. The MC3 Elite is the result of over 40 years of testing experience, and is constructed to withstand rugged, construction testing environments. Read More

Speedy Moisture Tester The New Speedy 2000 series of moisture testers combines time proven dependability of the calcium carbide pressure test procedure with the convenience of an electronic balance. Foundries and Ceramics – The moisture content of green and synthetic sands used in foundries, as well as slips and clays used in the ceramics industry, Read More

Sample Bags & Ground Sheets Plastic Sample Bags Plastic Sample Bag – Indicator(300mm x 400mm x75mic) Plastic Sample Bag – Black Large (560mmx860mmx150mic) 50 Kg Plastic Sample Bag – Clear LD Bags(200mm x 300mm x 50mic) Plastic Sample Bag – Clear LD bag (300mm x 450mm x 50mic) Plastic Sample Bag – Clear LD bags(600mm Read More

Hydraulic Extruder – Universal Hand-operated with hydraulic jack, it enables the extrusion of  both Marshall & CBR samples from the moulds. Standard Marshall Extruder is also manufactured for the extrusion of  Marshall moulds only. Standard CBR Extruder is also manufactured for the extrusion of CBR moulds only.  

ALD Device – Reliance The Average Least Dimension (ALD) of surfacing aggregates is required for the determination of the quantity of a bituminous product to be sprayed in the case of normal road surface treatments. The ALD is also needed for the calculation of the spread rate of surfacing aggregates. The accuracy of the measured Read More

Compaction Base Plate For the manual compaction of CBR samples used with a MOD hammer together with a mould. Complete with spacer – Manufactured by Reliance as per TMH1 or SANS methods.

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