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Asphalt Bitumen

CBR/UCS/ITT/MARSHALL PRESS – AUTO Fully automatic sample tester for soils & asphalt.  The machine features a rigid two column frame with upper crossbeam, which can be adjusted in height and locked in position with locknuts.  This compression machine can perform California Bearing Ratio (CBR), UCS, ITT and Marshall tests for both TMH & SANS methods. Data Read More

Specifications: ~Epoxy coated steel exterior ~ Grade 304 stainless steel interior ~ Insulated all round with 50mm glass wool ~Front door hinged with cam lock handle ~With high temperature silicone rubber door seal around door ~ Interior uses series of internal baffle plates with forced air circulation ~With exhaust vent and hole for thermometer ~ Circular carriage Read More

Upgrade Your CPN Gauges Smart-MC™ is a simple, drop-in upgrade which gives new life to your older MC-1DRP and MC-3 gauges.  Smart-MC offers a variety of operator friendly features such as a new backlit display and keyboard, test storage capability and cable-free download.  Your test can be easily stored, printed or saved to a USB Read More

Upgrade your 3411 Gauges SmartPanel, from InstroTek, allows the 3411B owners to upgrade their gauges at fraction of the price of a new gauge. Simply remove the old front panel, replace it with the SmartPanel and start using the many advanced electronic and software features. Your operators will love the simplicity and functionality of this Read More

ASTM D6938, ASTM D2950. The ValiDator is patented, NIST traceable, & ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited technology that can verify your nuclear density gauge calibration at all measurement depths. Others have tried, but InstroTek is the only company with the know how and the technology to develop this innovative device. Validator and Gauge Features: Works with InstroTek, Read More

      The Retriever™- smart USB upgrade for your NCAT Ignition Furnace. The Retriever™ provides secure digital data storage for your NCAT Ignition Furnace.  The unit efficiently collects and stores data using a USB flash drive.  Data is encrypted for security and cannot be altered by the operator.  Retriever can replace or work in Read More

The Future of Moisture Sensitivity Testing   M.i.S.T. (Moisture Induced Stress Tester) is designed as a totally new, quick and logical method for testing moisture damage susceptibility of asphalt mixtures. The M.i.S.T. is the latest innovation from InstroTek and unlike current test methods, is designed to simulate the stripping mechanisms that occur in HMA pavement Read More

  Eco-Friendly Electronic Desiccation System The PumpSaver is unique new method for the removal of moisture in air prior to entering a vacuum pump. The device extends the life of vacuum pumps by reducing the amount of water entering the pump. It also increases pump efficiency by offering a lower resistance to air flow as Read More

  Dries Field Cores in Minutes CoreDry is an automatic system for rapid drying of material samples and objects. Use this device to remove moisture from your sample in minutes. The amount of moisture removed allows the users to determine moisture content in aggregates, core samples, gyratory samples, loose mixtures, pc boards, wood chips, pulp, Read More

      An innovative, non-nuclear method of determining SuperPave, Stone Matrix (SMA), and coarse mix asphalt air voids. CoreLok performs 5 standard lab tests: Bulk Specific Gravity Maximum Specific Gravity Aggregate Specific Gravity Porosity % Asphalt Content The CoreLok® is a system for sealing asphalt samples so that the sample densities may be measured Read More

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