Automatic Round Foot Compactor (RMC-8) 

Mod Compactor RMC -8

The RMC-8 is fully automatic which makes for ease and simplicity of operation, eliminating extensive operation training.

The compaction speed is seventy three (73) blows per minute which is recorded on the blow counter, which can be set. Once the test is complete, the Compactor will automatically switches off.

The sprocket drive used to rotate the mould in the compactor has been modified in such a way that the mould follows a pattern to give the exact hammer fall configuration described in the TMH1 manual.

The RMC-8 is supported by after sales service and a full range of parts and accessories.


  • Compaction hammer 19/25
  • Ring gears
  • Counter
  • Compaction Belt Segment
  • Compactor Shoe Tips
  • Compactor Shoe
  • Compactor Belts