3500 Xplorer™

InstroTek Model 3500 Xplorer is a nuclear moisture density gauge designed to provide superior performance, with design experience and expertise that is unmatched in the industry and service that you have come to trust for over 10 years. The Model 3500 Xplorer features the most up to date electronics, extremely reliable surface mount components, and straightforward simple operation.

By listening to our customers, InstroTek has developed a highly advanced but very intuitive moisture density gauge. Operation is straightforward and uncomplicated. Menu options are easy to read and navigate. A backlit LCD screen and special scroll functions allow operators to easily read the Xplorer’s two-line display during day or nighttime work. The simple keypad layout and program design will permit technicians to quickly move from other moisture density gauges to the Xplorer 3500. Battery Saver and InteliCharge extend battery life keeping the gauge on the job instead of on the charger.

This unit has been thoroughly tested for ruggedness and accuracy. All components have been scrutinized for over two years showing better performance and reduced maintenance costs when compared to other gauges. Couple this with InstroTek’s unmatched customer support and technical service that you have come to know and trust for over 13 years and you have an award winning combination.

Useless “Bells and Whistles” Not Included
We asked our customers what features they rated as the most important in the gauge. Reliability, reduced service costs and price was placed on top of the list. We analyzed all other gauges in the market and determined that in order to improve reliability and to reduce service costs, we had to develop and test electronic modules that were more robust. We stayed away from features that are useless and ones that would create more confusion and increased repair costs.

The Non-contact Auto-depth indicator is included on all new Xplorer 3500 gauges.

Meets all AASHTO T-310 and ASTM D6938, and D2950 Standards.


Part of our motto: “Keep it simple” means the Xplorer can easily be serviced and calibrated by any qualified repair center in the country, which means cost savings and reduced down-time for you.